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Get more from a Press Release

On average less than 1% of the people reading your Press Release will then follow up and contact you to discuss your product or service and buy.  At C Growth we combine decades of media connections with experienced writers. We then add a global database together with great coding to identify the companies and individuals reading your articles and blogs.
Using this information, our clients Business Development and Sales Teams can develop their prospect lists and utilise their time developing warm leads into clients and sales.
Would you rather continue with cold calling techniques explaining who you are and what your company offer; hoping to pass gatekeepers? Or would you prefer to call up the person directly who is aware of your business and knows exactly what you do?
As a growth agency, C Growth partners your business by delivering a combination of PR, marketing, social media management and business development support.  All of this will ensure you build a brand that will drive your business and generate sales leads that will deliver the profit required to grow your business.
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