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Do You Know How Unique You Are?

Whilst difficult operating conditions continue for many, it is still possible to grow and for many PR and related services are an important part of the mix writes Brett Jackson, part of the C Growth team. One key to unlocking your organisation’s PR potential lies in understanding your USPs.  Do you know three things that your business has that, when combined, your competitors do not enjoy? Often a special combination of a small number of unique selling points can differentiate you from the competition and set you apart, thus attracting new clients.  In addition, customers will often pay a good or premium price for a unique and original offering. Networking is a great way of reaching your target audience, meeting new contacts and growing your database, but always remember that networking is not socialising!  Plan in advance of the event and follow up and possible leads afterwards.  Don’t sell at the event – that comes later.  Concentrate on connecting first.  Get to know your new contacts, what they do and what they are looking for for their business. Events are not PR themselves but they create it and they allow you to contact a lot of people in a short space of time.  Events provide a good value way of connecting with multiple contacts quickly, an opportunity to learn new things and get out of the office all at the same time! Brett Jackson is the Founder and MD of Granite PR, an Aberdeen-based company which focuses on public relations, events and networking across all sectors.  Brett is also the creator of the annual Granite Expo business showcase, Aberdeen-Houston Gateway and Aberdeen-Stavanger Gateway.  He is also chairman of the Grampian-Houston Association, a committee member of the local branch of the Energy Institute, and a member of the Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce and the British-American Business Council. To contact Brett email [email protected]