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C-Growth Business Services : We Support - You Grow

C-Growth provides a range of services designed to assist small and medium businesses to deliver their business growth plans.  A business growth agency that provides every form of support that you will need, when you need it - whether that's for a one off assignment, an emergency or on an on-going basis. We have provided a summary of a range of our services but we'd look forward to having an informal conversation about your needs and requirements.

Business Development

Our Business Development team consists of several of Aberdeen’s most established entrepreneurs and networkers established relationships in the Region's key sectors.
The Business Development aspect of C-Growth's approach includes identifying challenges; clarifying and optimising your USP; refining you target markets; creating a business development strategy; planning and setting targets; and ultimately generating more sales.
We will utilise the C-Growth network of personnel and business connections built up over several decades and supported via memberships with various organisations including Achilles FPAL, Achilles UVDB, Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce, Decom North Sea, NOF and SDI.
Through these connections C-Growth will open new doors, introduce new contacts and create new business through strong relationships.

Standing Head and Shoulders Above The Competition


The C-Growth PR and marketing team consists of 5 writers all with over a decade of experience in the Granite City.
The PR aspect of our business includes an opportunity for local media work on releases for consideration and commissions to - Press & Journal, Evening Express, Your Job, Energy Voice, Roustabout magazine, Platform magazine, Business Bulletin, Business Now, Upbeat magazine, Trend magazine, Aberdeen Business News, Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce and All Media Scotland.
C-Growth will also work on media releases - an update we send for the titles’ consideration, commissioned articles - a piece of work that one media platform has shown an interest in, usually resulting in a larger article based on exclusivity and should any C-Growth client have International activity and/or aspirations there are a number of global technical media trade platforms that can be considered.

Coaching & Mentoring

1 to 1 or 1 to group coaching or mentoring aimed at the individual or team.  Approaches, tailored to your requirments are aimed at goal setting involving anything from life goals to business objectives.
Performance improvement as a result of audit/review and analysis of systems.  Refinements are made by aligning your processes with your plans.  Approaches can be applied to any setting.


Media Services

There is no point in having a great brand, deliver fantastic services and have loads of 5 star testimonials if no one knows about you!
C-Growth delivers a range of web design and digital media services aimed at small businesses.  We offer a high quality, comprehensive mixed media service at a very affordable price point for businesses that are not using media to boost their business profile and/or sales.  The service, on a retained or one off basis, covers web-sites, mobile apps, graphic design, video production and social media management.

Search Engine Optimisation


Our search engine optimisation experts can help your business stay ahead of the competition by working directly with you to improve your website’s rankings. There are a lot of ideas thrown around about keywords, good and bad links, certain SEO experts say that search engine optimisation is all about spam and irrelevant comments or keyword stuffed text.  C Growth experts ensure your business moves up the rankings without damaging you’re online presence.
C Growth work with Google not against it to ensure we deliver results by following the search engine guidelines and understanding what the search engines require combined with what your customers’ needs are. Our experts listen to what you want from your business and from your website.
Give us a call in relation to some of our specific services:
Twitter Marketing
Need more followers or help tweeting?
Duplicate Content
What is Duplicate Content? Why does it cause harm to my website’s performance? The starting point for good SEO!
Social Media Marketing
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+
Link Building
Building quality links for SEO purposes
SEO Services
SEO (On/Off Page)
Website Diagnostics
Is your site performing to the best of its ability? We can help diagnose problems that may be affecting it.

HR Support Services

We provide you with personal, friendly, professional human resource support and practical advice that will assist you in managing and development your employees.  With our detailed and up-to-date advice on applying current employment law, you can avoid the pitfalls that trap the unwary.  By taking our advice you may save substantial amounts of compensation, if you are unfortunate enough to be taken to an employment tribunal.  We give a dedicated, personal HR service, able to understand your business needs.
If you are a small organisation can you afford an in-house HR department?  Employing an HR person can be uneconomic.  We can provide the necessary services at a fraction of the cost, giving you the benefit of access to up-to-date HR knowledge and skills. Our services include:
  • HR Adhoc and Monthly Retainers
  • Health & Safety Online Training
  • Workplace Mediation
  • In – House Training


Credit Management

Credit Management is key to any business from a new start to a well established company.  Management of this can be  time consuming but it essential for the growth of any business.
C-Growth understands that your relationship with your customers is vital to the success of your business.  Working with us will allow you to continually focus on the key elements of growing your business leaving us to ensure that your invoices are paid.  Your customers would never know that your collections are outsourced as all communication can be undertaken in your company's name on all collections platforms, telephone, email and post.
Our outsourced Credit Control service includes:


  • Credit checks and monitoring of all existing and potential clients and suppliers.
  • Assistance with credit limit setting and risk management.
  • Credit control carried out seamlessly in your company's name.
  • Liaising with invoice financing and credit insurance companies.
  • Invoice dispute reporting summarising any outstanding action required.
  • Ledger review with you to discuss escalation of debts.
  • Final demand letters if deemed and agreed necessary.
  • Regular reporting on all collection activity to ensure you are continually up to date regarding all communications with your business clients.


C-Growth can support you in all aspects of credit management, providing you with the peace of mind that this key area of the business is managed correctly with minimal impact onoverheads.  The C-Growth service has a proven track record in reducing debtor days and significantly increasing the return on investment.

Never miss a call again!


A virtual receptionist service means you never miss a call. That means never missing a new customer and never missing a new business opportunity. You can concentrate on the work you do best, knowing your calls are being answered 24/7 by your virtual receptionist service.
There is nothing worse than a customer phoning up your business during office hours and their call being met by an answering machine.
80% of callers will not call back if they don’t get through first time, and not answering the phone to existing customers just looks like you don’t care.
A virtual receptionist service means every call is answered by a real person.
With key benefits such as cost, customer service, professional image and ensuring the phone is always answered you can see the advantages when using a virtual receptionist.
By having a virtual phone system for business, you can avoid the costly pitfalls that come with hiring full-time staff to handle your incoming calls. There are a variety of virtual receptionist services that are available today at great prices, making it an ideal choice for businesses in any field. Whether you have a start up or a small business with low capital, you too can make use of this service and reap its benefits.