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C Growth – Focussed on the Solutions not the Downturn!

“Is this a good time to start a business?" 
 With the oil industry currently in one of the lengthiest downturns your first thought may be that perhaps it’s not the best time to start a business. Friends, family, colleagues and myself included have lost jobs, companies have been wound up, and many of the lucky ones have survived on the back of savings that are close to gone, there seems to be more positivity at the moment than there has been since 2014 however there’s still plenty of uncertainty and talk of more jobs to go.
So that’s the customary gloom and despondency out of the way but it’s not all negative. There are more and more start-ups popping up and taking on the challenge as can be see from the interest in the Elevator Accelerator programme.
Start-ups, with their inherent agility, can take advantage of a weaker economy and come out on top. From day one start-ups operate an inherently lean business model, while maximizing value for customers. While there remains uncertain time within the oil industry it’s never a desirable situation, however some of the world’s greatest businesses have started during a downturn or recession. Many reports suggest start-ups are some of the world’s greatest employers, as they scale to become large companies in their own right.
This creates great possibilities for C Growth and here are a few benefits for our clients
  1. You want innovation.
Downturns create problems and slow investment in innovation. With companies looking for new ways to operate and solve problems this presents an opportunity for C Growth to add value for our clients. Entrepreneurs are always looking for new ways to add value and make a true difference; C Growth bring several simple systems together with new technology and a global database and affiliations to provide a service that is innovative and new to the market.
  1. You want to save money.
As a nimble start-up with few expenses, C Growth operates with minimal overheads which mean charging less and deliver ahead of our competition. The C Growth business model is built on a retained basis spreading the cost and building a partnership that will continue as the market improves.
  1. You want to work with a company with good habits.
C Growth was created during the tough times, designed from the ground up to be lean, effective and efficient. These habits will stay with us when the market recovers, building and growing a business on the back of our clients’ growing confidence.
  1. You want to be valued.
Most importantly clients expect hard work, ownership, creative thinking, and tenacity for their money which can often be taken for granted. At C Growth our determination and work ethic is never in question and the current business climate provides a great opportunity to step up and prove this to our clients.
  1. We win together.
C Growth provides you with a range of services and affiliates; we have a global reach and a network that can drive your brand and product. Most importantly though we are winners and that position is only achieved on the back of constant results for our clients. 
To learn more about how C Growth can add value to your business, email [email protected] or visit
Kenny Dooley

Kenny Dooley