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UK Fitness Food and Jack’s Steakhouse and Grill have partnered with Grampian Training Services to sponsor first aid training at three Aberdeen primary schools.
Children in primaries 5-7 at Loirston, Tullos and Kirkhill Schools will receive the training as part of Grampian Training Service’s Young Emergency Aider Award Scheme.
Grampian Training Services currently provides first aid training to 80 of the 205 primary schools across Aberdeen City and Shire.
In the past the scheme has been funded through schools’ Parent Teachers Associations and Parent Councils, however in light of budget restrictions many schools that would like to offer first aid training are now no longer able to do so.  The training helps schools meet the requirements of the Health and Wellbeing aspect of the Curriculum for Excellence, so Tom Malcolm, director of Grampian Training Services, is asking the business community for their support.
He said: “There are many instances where pupils we have trained have made a difference by putting their training into action. Several have helped family and friends when they have been choking, stung, had an asthma attack, fainted or been burned.  We also have a few instances where pupils have saved lives. One pupil saved her brother’s life when the family was involved in a car accident and the pupil stopped a major bleed. These are only a few of many examples of where the First Aid training these pupils received has come into action.”
In return for a donation, businesses will have their brands featured on school newsletters, emails to parents, Grampian Training Service’s website and any press releases, as well as on each child’s individual certificate. 
If your business would like to sponsor a school, or for more information, visit